Monday, March 30, 2009

Stair Cross-sections

Tracey Moffat

The image I selected of Tracey Moffat’s artwork is from her First Jobs exhibition in 2008. Its titled Selling Aluminium Siding 1978 and is meant to depict the horrendous jobs they Moffat and many of her friends had to do in order to survive as they were growing up and doing their separate university degrees. Moffat reminisces about the jobs and how she loathed the “rich kids” who had everything handed to them however she would not replace the experiences because she strongly believes it lead her to be who she is today and she loves that. The bright colours in the artwork don’t quite match a real scene but are there, as a sign of the positive side in what at the time seemed horrible to her. The artwork is done on rice paper using archival pigments and a gel medium. Its 71 by 91.5 cm and is designed to be displayed landscape on a wall


Rosalie Gascoigne

The image I choose from Rosalie Gascoigne artwork was named All That Jazz and it was originally produced in 1989. It is a compilation of split wooden soft drink cases. These particular materials were chosen because of Gascoigne’s fascination with junk and anything that has been exposed to the weather. These particular crates suit this perfectly because they are completely out of use, pointless in many ways so they suit both her criteria for good materials. It relatively large for a wall mounted piece at 131 × 100cm


Thursday, March 26, 2009

A second possible stair

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Second possible design art gallery

Monday, March 23, 2009

Stair from the top design studio floor to the middle display floor of my building

Monday, March 9, 2009

Fiona Hall
Noun: Metal Verb: Protest Adjective: Distressing

Tracey Moffat
Noun: Dye
Verb: Reminisce Adjective: Scintillating

Rosaline Gascoigne
Noun: Corrugated Iron
Splinter Adjective: Distorted
1. My HSC Design

These are two screen captures from a website that a friend and i designed together for our major work in IPT during year 12. It was a relatively simple idea,we had an concept for a company known as BEAST (best elecrontics and systems technology) and it sold advanced computers. The site was like any other in the sense that you could go online to gather basic information on products and purchase them. We used the Alienware website as a main source of inspiration and ideas and in the end it got us an exceptionally good mark. At the moment our high school teacher for IPT is using the website as an example of good work for upcoming year 12 students. Unfortunately alot is lost on mere screen captures, flash animations and sound which really made the website shine can't be seen but still i hope you get the idea.

2. Beautiful Architecture
This is to me an amazing, stunning and beautiful peice of architecture. Its a house in Terrigal that i have seen on a handful of occassions. It's amazing to me for a number of reasons. Firstly, its large expanses of glass. I have always admired buildings that have large windows, it always seems to make a room so elegant and allow in natural light which i prefer. Its ability to bring the beauties of the natural world into the building i think are magnificant and being in such a beautiful location who wouldn't want to admire the veiw. The second thing that appeals to me is the use of simple flat surfaces to provide character and art. It's so simple yet so unique and unconventional compared to its surroundings. I like to compare it to women dressed for a night on the town. Some women look beautiful yet you can tell they have gone over the top with accessories and make up, others dress simply and they make it look amazing.Thats what this building is like, simple bits put together to make something amazing.

3.Beautiful Original Image
This is my beautiful photo. It hasn't been edited at all, this is the image the camera caught. It's a little bit cliched in the sense that its my girlfriend and i hand in hand during Mardi Gra 08 but thats not the sole reason i think its beautiful. This was probably only the second week that we had been going out and my girlfriend friends were making a big deal of it that night as some girls do with their giggles and such. This photo was one of her friend trying to catch the cliched holding hands photo for myspace but unfortunately got bumped by a rather drunk and latex clad individual. This was the result. The colours of our jackets mixed with that of the parade making this beautiful neon effect on the dark of the night, the way that most could only make out what it is after i tell them and the removal of that magazine perfect skin and pose idea makes this image beautiful to me.