Monday, May 4, 2009

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This is the final design for my laboratories

My design is meant for Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Keith Campbell.
Cousteau's lab is outside of the cliff face, as you enter the labs the lighting saturates the area in blue to give the feel of the ocean Cousteau's main area of work. It is also a long passage way to signify the distance out into open ocean he liked to work in. Cousteau is quote tells us that man can "sink below" to discover another world hence his labs are situated below the approach walkway containing a bench to work on and offset shelves behind the stairs.

Campbell's area is within the cliff, built into a vast dug out area, this along with the long and indirect route to his lab demonstrates the isolation Campbell experiences from the scientific community because of his controversial work and his seeming indirect methods to alter something that is working perfectly within the natural world. The glass walls allow someone within the building to see his lab within reach but not get there via a simple route which is also similar to Campbell's work, a very simple idea but yet has some very large complications creating massive detours.

The meeting space for the two scientist is on the top with a window looking out over Cousteau's labs but not into Campbell's. This is meant to show two things. One Cousteau's works is in the past it has been handed on for others to improve upon freely its open public knowledge so from the meeting place his labs are easily seen. Campbell's work however is still being completed so it is still not public knowledge and hence can't be seen. it also is a sign of how each scientist worked. Cousteau worked in the open and in his element the ocean, Campbell worked in a lab behind closed doors. One very hands on field work the other very lab based, the position and visibility of their labs demonstrates this.

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